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Tony Kraut – The Driller

Hi. I'm Tony Kraut with Watson Drill Rigs. I'm the Sales Manager here at Watson. And we're a four-generation family-owned business. We build foundation construction drilling equipment that serves multiple industries. We put them on excavator mount, truck mount, and crawler mount, and even crane mount drill attachments. Watson Drill Rigs right here from Fort Worth, Texas...
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Tony Kraut – Watson Drill Rigs

In 1923, Watson began as a house moving company or structure moving company. So they'd lift a structure from one location and transport it and put it in another location. With that required obviously the understanding of crane operation and being able to design a foundation for that structure to sit upon. And at that time, Watson Drill Rigs actually became a contractor...
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Tony Kraut – On the Stub

"On the Stub," a poem written and copyrighted by Tony Kraut. Push, pull, turn and twist; any job, I'll do my best. I wear the scars of past jobs done; with my teeth as sharp as the face they're on. A bar commands my every move; whether my encounter is hard or smooth. The job I do is always as told; by the driller's hand on the lever he holds...
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Tony Kraut – Slide, Kelly, Slide

Let's talk about Kelly Bars. Where did the term "Kelly Bar" come from? Everybody asks, What's that name "Kelly"? Who is this guy? Why do we call that a "Kelly"? Well, it's an oil field related term ... back in the late 1800s, drilled pipe was always round. There was no Kelly Bar, it was all round drill pipe...
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Tony Kraut – The Driller’s Life

In 1987, I separated from the United States Air Force and started working on drill rigs and I had no idea what I was getting into, but I found the challenge was quite rewarding. Every day created another challenge, another surprise to it. So I wrote a poem called "The Driller's Life" …
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