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Tony Kraut – The Driller’s Life


“The Driller’s Life” by Tony Kraut

In 1987, I separated from the United States Air Force and started working on drill rigs and I had no idea what I was getting into, but I found the challenge was quite rewarding.

Every day created another challenge, another surprise to it. Oftentimes, you’re alone, away from home. You’re not able to be with your family. You’re spending time in motel rooms, but you’re out on that drill rig constantly and that’s your job, and that’s your life.

So I wrote a little poem here called “The Driller’s Life”:

Mast raised, auger down
Driller’s task, keep turning round
Pride and skill keeps production up
No matt’r be, bucket of muck

Each day goes on with crew on task
Set-n-pour to top of shaft
On and on, drill keeps making mounds
Clearing all bores to full depth sound

Each day goes on, same as last
Spoils cleared, clean and fast
Quality work is our goal
As we clean, the base o’each hole

At last the day’s final bore
Numbers up to production score
Safety focused on each task
Lordy-be,… it’s a drill shaft

Many long days away from home
Thinking of babies and mama alone
Can’t lose focus while on site
Waiting the day, I’ll hold them tight

Heading in, for days off
Clearing my mind of all work stuff too
Tooth’s are loose, stories to read
Lawns to mow and gardens to weed

Many days on the roam
My heart is heavy, thinking of home
Can’t wait to see the beautiful sight
Cheeks to kiss, n say good night

These words I share for those been there
Many of days, to no despair
You make our world a better place
For tomorrow’s children, to ever embrace.

This video was made courtesy of Pieresearch, “The Standard of Excellence”, manufacturer of high quality alignment and centralizer products for the deep foundation and earth retention industries.

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