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Soil nailing is an economical, stabilization method used to reinforce and strengthen existing slopes, by installing tension-resisting steel nails in the soil, creating a gravity retaining wall for permanent or temporary excavation support. Soil nail walls are typically constructed from the top down. Soil is excavated in varying depths, then tension-resisting steel bars are inserted into the holes and grouted in place, creating a composite mass similar to a gravity wall. A constructed face, typically made of a shotcrete cover, is normally required over the shoring bars, which reinforces the woven mesh over the steel plates. Permanent walls are usually built with a cast-in-place face over nailing.

Advantages of Soil Nailing/Soil Stabilization

  • An economical means of constructing earth retention support systems and retaining walls
  • Ability to follow irregular curves
  • Equipment can portable to accommodate tight spaces
  • The technique is flexible and easily modified
  • Used for strengthening both natural slope or manmade cut slopes
  • Grouting is required only once in the process, saving both time and labor
  • Creates less noise and traffic obstructions
  • Minimal impact on surrounding properties
  • Requires minimum shoring space

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