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Russell Thornburg | Shining Light on Building Codes-Part 3

In Part 3, Russell Thornburg, Building Code Consultant & Instructor, discusses Building Code Compliance and Enforcement. One of the things that's important is finding out what the building code is intended for. What is its intention? What does it do for us? It's to keep us healthy. It's to provide safety. It's to provide general welfare. It's to take care of the property...
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Russell Thornburg | Shining Light on Building Codes-Part 2

In Part 2 Russell Thornburg, Building Code Consultant & Instructor, discusses the Evolution of Building Codes and Standards. To start with, we're going to discuss Building Codes, which are a set of rules defining how buildings can be designed and constructed to a minimum level of safety. They are not a phenomenon of the modern world. Rather, they have been around for centuries...
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Russell Thornburg | Shining Light on Building Codes-Part 1

Hello, my name is Russell Thornburg, and I have been in this construction business for a very long time. I've been a homeowner. Not only that, I've been a contractor, a contractor that fell. I busted up. Then I became somewhat into the inspection department. There I started playing the game. Now, what kind of game did I have to play? Well, becoming a homeowner and a contractor had to figure out what was going on...
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Tom Witherspoon | The Geotechnical Engineer

Hi, I'm Tom Witherspoon. I am structural and geotechnical engineer. I'm actually a diplomate as a geotechnical engineer, recognized by the Geo-Institute. And by the Structural Engineering Certification Board, I am a structural engineer. I also owned a foundation drilling company and ran that for over 22 years, S&W Foundation, and did a lot of limited access drilling and things that were considered to be impossible...
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Walter Scarborough | Specifications Matter

I'm Walter Scarborough and I'm here to tell you why Specifications Matter. I'm an architect and a specifier. I have 40 years of architectural experience, 25 years as a specifier, having provided specifications on over 500 projects. I'm a Fellow of the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI). I'm a coauthor of the college textbook, "Building Construction — Principles, Materials, and Systems"...
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Tom Witherspoon | The Structural Engineer

I'm Tom Witherspoon. I am recognized as a diplomate by the Geo-Institute as a geotechnical engineer, and I'm recognized by the Structural Engineering Certification Board as a structural engineer. I have a BS in civil engineering, a Masters in business. I have a PhD in geotechnical engineering from University of Texas at Arlington and my dissertation studies was in Piering and Piling, so that I know pretty well...
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Mike Trull | Rebar Supplier Expectations

What are the expectations of a general contractor and/or a concrete contractor when they're selecting a reinforcing steel fabricator for their new project? Hello, my name is Mike Trull, and I've spent 50 years in the steel industry. 45 of those years, I was with a reinforcing fabricator in North Texas, CMC. For some of you who are viewing this video for the first time, just some elementary notes about steel and how it's made...
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Tony Kraut – The Driller

Hi. I'm Tony Kraut with Watson Drill Rigs. I'm the Sales Manager here at Watson. And we're a four-generation family-owned business. We build foundation construction drilling equipment that serves multiple industries. We put them on excavator mount, truck mount, and crawler mount, and even crane mount drill attachments. Watson Drill Rigs right here from Fort Worth, Texas...
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Tony Kraut – Watson Drill Rigs

In 1923, Watson began as a house moving company or structure moving company. So they'd lift a structure from one location and transport it and put it in another location. With that required obviously the understanding of crane operation and being able to design a foundation for that structure to sit upon. And at that time, Watson Drill Rigs actually became a contractor...
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Tony Kraut – On the Stub

"On the Stub," a poem written and copyrighted by Tony Kraut. Push, pull, turn and twist; any job, I'll do my best. I wear the scars of past jobs done; with my teeth as sharp as the face they're on. A bar commands my every move; whether my encounter is hard or smooth. The job I do is always as told; by the driller's hand on the lever he holds...
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