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Our revolutionary Quick-Lock® Unibar® centralizer (Patent No. 10,151,113) and Adjustable Quick-Lock® Unibar® centralizer (Patent No. 10,584,459 B2) are the answer to soil nailing — tendon/rebar alignment support. They keep the tendon/bar centered in the bore/drill hole to allow for minimum grout/concrete coverage and do not impede flow of grout within bore/drill hole and around tendon. Assemble quickly by simply snapping the two identical halves together over the tendon/rebar and tying it on with tie wire.

To achieve proper design strength in any drilled and grouted/concreted hole, the tendon/rebar or anchor material must be centered in the shaft to allow minimum coverage throughout the length of the element. Our Quick-Lock® Unibar® and Adjustable Quick-Lock® Unibar® centralizers are made of durable, noncorrosive plastic and are designed for a variety of applications where concrete cover must be maintained.

Introducing “The Big Bow”, our newest adjustable Unibar Centralizer!

Introducing our newest Adjustable Quick-Lock® Unibar® centralizer (Patent No. 11,174,641) for augercast pile, micropile, soil nail, and tieback installation. These Pieresearch products are the answer to uniform spacing requirements across a wide range of diameters. They are lightweight, economical and do not require nuts or bolts for installation.

They consist of two identical halves that are fast and easy to snap together. The adjustable centering device will accommodate single bar, single and multi-strand anchors, encapsulated anchors (DCP), and are suitable for steel or plastic pipe applications. The adjustable UNIBAR® can be attached with zip ties or tie wire, and are offset to fit between rebar threads.

These 3 new parts fit shafts ranging from an O.D. of 10″ to 18″. All 3 parts are adjustable to fit bar sizes #6 thru #18.

Pieresearch Quick-Lock Unibar Centralizer product video

Building a strong foundation is only a few clicks away! Our quality products and ease of installation allows you to save time and money on the job site. Imagine the infinite opportunities to use our Quick-Lock® Unibar® and Adjustable Quick-Lock® Unibar®Centralizers.

Tech Specs

Quick-Lock® Unibar® and Adjustable Quick-Lock® Unibar® Centralizers will accommodate Single Bar, Multi-Bar/Strand Anchors, Encapsulated (DCP) Anchors, and Steel or Plastic Pipe Applications. They are ideal for Soil Nails, Rock/Soil Anchors, Micro-Piles, and Auger-Cast Piles with single tension bars.


  • 2 identical halves
  • easy to snap together
  • made of durable non-corrosive plastic
  • can be attached with zip ties or tie wire
  • offset to fit between rebar threads
  • keeps single tendon/bar centered within a drill hole
  • ideal for soil nail applications
  • no nuts or bolts required
  • lightweight and economical

Placement Details

The lowest Quick-Lock® Unibar® or Adjustable Quick-Lock® Unibar® Centralizer should be installed approximately 1 foot from the end of the tendon/bar material. Each successive Unibar® Centralizer should be placed at no greater than 10-foot intervals. The upper Unibar® Centralizer should be approximately 1 feet below grout/concrete surface.

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