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Drilled and grouted tiebacks are used for providing lateral capacity for many types of retaining walls or landslide retention systems. They are installed utilizing a threaded steel bar as the tension carrying component of the tieback. The tieback can be constructed utilizing self-drilling bars which are hollow.

It can also be installed by drilling either an open hole or cased hole and inserting a solid threaded bar as the tension component. Grout is injected surrounding the bars for both strength, and as corrosion protection. Bars can either be conventional strength (60 Kips per square inch) or high strength (150 Ksi). Solid Bars are usually used in diameters of 5/8 inch to 1-3/8 inch although lately sizes up to 4 inch diameter have been made available. Centering of the bar in the drilled hole is an important element of the construction process.*

* The above definition is based on information provided by Alan Macnab, P. ENG, D. GE. Macnab is the author of the “Earth Retention Handbook”, (McGraw-Hill), a leading text in the deep foundations and earth retention industries. He provides design and construction consulting services to the referenced industries. He can be reached at:


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