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SEAoT interview with Pieresearch discussing Why Specifications Matter

SPECIFICATIONS MATTER: WHY STRUCTURAL ENGINEERS MUST IDENTIFY PRODUCTS FOR EVERY PROJECT. If you’re a structural, civil, or geotechnical engineer in Texas, you probably know of Pieresearch®. Pieresearch® serves the deep foundation and earth retention industries, offering structural engineers rebar reinforcing alignment and centralizer products...
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Tom Witherspoon | The Geotechnical Engineer

Hi, I'm Tom Witherspoon. I am structural and geotechnical engineer. I'm actually a diplomate as a geotechnical engineer, recognized by the Geo-Institute. And by the Structural Engineering Certification Board, I am a structural engineer. I also owned a foundation drilling company and ran that for over 22 years, S&W Foundation, and did a lot of limited access drilling and things that were considered to be impossible...
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Stan Agee
“You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.” This 12th Century English homily presents a classic conundrum: Why won’t the horse drink the water? Not drinking is clearly self-destructive. Refusing water seems absurd. But let’s look at the situation from the horse’s point of view. If the horse has been led to the water …
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John B. Turner, P.E.
The foundation of a building or other structure is designed and constructed to transmit forces from the structure to the soil. Under typical conditions, these forces are the result of gravity – the weight of the building, occupants, and materials…
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Walter Scarborough FCSI, SCIP
To almost everyone involved with the construction of buildings, specifications seem to be a strange and mysterious world: massive amounts of technical information, references to obscure standards, and no graphics, just thousands of incomprehensible words...
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Hamid Naderi, P.E., CBO
Margi M. Leddin
Building codes are sets of rules defining how buildings can be designed and constructed to a minimum level of safety. They are not a phenomenon of the modern world; rather, they have been around for centuries, one of the...
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