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Planning and building successful structures right the first time requires precise reinforcing alignment, along with correct concrete and grout placement. Pieresearch is the industry leader specializing in rebar and rebar cage alignment products, designed to deliver top performance in accordance with CRSI and ACI compliance standards. Pieresearch products are reliable, field tested, economical, and structural engineer specified. They install in seconds and are built durable enough to handle any commercial, industrial, and highway or bridge construction project.

We are your contingency liability reducer

  • Minimize risk against long-term corrosion of the rebar and future foundation issues
  • Durable, quality materials and USA manufacturing – we never cut corners or use precast products that would threaten the integrity of our products
  • Quality control and assurance that reinforcement cages are properly spaced and aligned in the drilled shaft
  • All our products are engineered for fast and easy installation
  • Manufacture custom accessories to meet any code specification
  • Integrated systems for every job
  • Competitive pricing to meet any construction budget
  • Fast delivery – most products ship same business day or next business day


Pieresearch provides custom quality alignment products that are critically important to all professionals involved in the structural engineering, geo-design and construction industry.


Quick-Lock® Pier Wheel
Quick-Lock HD® (Heavy Duty) Pier Wheel
Quick-Lock Pier Boot® Spacer
Quick-Zip Bar Booster® spacer
Quick-Lock® and Adjustable Quick-Lock®Unibar Centralizer
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