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Pieresearch specializes in rebar reinforcing alignment and centralizer products for every construction need.

Established in 1986 Pieresearch is the industry leader in rebar reinforcing alignment products. We provide durable, reliable, economical, proven and tested alignment products for drilled shafts, micropiles, augercast piles, soil nails, and rebar-reinforced earth retention anchors. Our new Unibar® Centralizer products are specifically designed for the installation of soil nails, and related earth retention elements. We are committed to pursuing excellence in quality, on-time service, customer partnerships, and product innovation. Our products are proudly made in the USA!
Pieresearch rebar cage spacers are made in America
Pieresearch specializes in rebar reinforcing alignment and centralizer products
Quality you can rely on

Construction professionals in the commercial, industrial, highway, educational, governmental, sports & entertainment, retail, food & beverage, marine, energy & power production, and transportation industries rely on Pieresearch’s high quality, easy-to-install, noncorrosive plastic products. All our products are manufactured in a Fort Worth facility and meet the highest quality standards set by the Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute and American Concrete Institute.

Building strong relationships

We strive to conduct our day-to-day business with clear, open communication, keep our promises and place excellence in customer service above all. Over the years we have developed solid relationships with our customers, industry professionals, and manufacturers to deliver innovation and products that are built tough. We combine our product expertise and industry experience to deliver the optimal solution to any project, on time and within budget.

drilled shaft deep pier foundation concrete accessories

Don’t just take our word…

With over 37 years of experience as a practicing structural engineer, I have observed numerous construction deficiencies on a variety of projects. For all the problems I have been able to see firsthand, there are undoubtedly more that are not visually assessable, such as those contained within drilled pier foundations. Proper placement of the reinforcing cage within a drilled shaft excavation is vital to the performance of this crucial foundation member. To minimize the risk of improper reinforcing cage placement, I specify Pieresearch products to insure that the “as constructed” condition will conform to the design intent. Pieresearch products are specifically designed and fabricated for the intended purpose of getting the reinforcing cage properly positioned and aligned within the shaft excavation. Not only has Pieresearch been providing quality reinforcing cage products for over 30 years, but has demonstrated a strong commitment to improving the construction of deep foundations. Pieresearch is a strong advocate of the drilled shaft industry sponsoring research of emerging technologies and bringing awareness of these advances to the structural engineering community.

– Paul J. Rielly, P.E., S.E., SECB



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