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Don’t just take our word… discover what foundation professionals in the structural engineering, geo-design and construction industries say about Pieresearch.

“I started working with Desert Steel Company in 1998. I have worked on every type of project from nuclear power plants, hospitals, bridges, waste water treatment plant, and anything else that required the placement of concrete. All of the projects mentioned above had piers included in the structures. I’ve worked in several states across the nation, all requiring different construction practices in the placement of concrete and the clearances required. To this date, I have not seen or used, a better product than Pieresearch’s when it comes to my type of work.

Pieresearch products, supplied to us by CMC, are always on the top on our list! When something is needed to help us in the field, I have no problem in getting the right help, with no delay. The products supplied by Pieresearch are unbeatable for ease of placing, safety and labor cost.

As far as the alignment is concerned, we prefer using the Quick-Lock Pier Wheels and Quick-Lock Pier Boots. They snap to the cage, quickly and easily! There is no tying these items, so the speed of installation saves time. Once installed and snapped into place, they can hardly be removed, which makes it the best way to keep clearance in the shaft.

Safety is and always has been an important issue when working around heavy equipment. Especially when there are more than one piece of machinery concentrated in, and around, a small area. Most piers are 60′ in length and the workers have to be aware of their surroundings. Snapping the Quick-Lock Pier Wheels and Quick-Lock Pier Boots on before the cage is lifted vertically, means they remain intact and ready to place into the shaft, so none of the workers have to be anywhere around or under the bottom of the cage while it is in the hoisted position. This saves the drilling contractor many timely delays!

Pieresearch products have the integrity to endure weight forces (sometimes in the tons) and maintain all the clearances required. Pieresearch products, are and always have been, my first choice of concrete accessories for aligning and supporting rebar cages.”

– Rick Kirschner

Daniel Steel supplies our Pieresearch Quick-Lock Pier Wheels and Quick-Lock Pier Boots. We’ve been using these products to properly align and support pier cages in drilled shafts for years because of their quality and their ease of installation! Plus from a safety perspective, when we use Pieresearch products, we don’t need additional employees to keep the steel pier cage elevated, or to help align during a pour.

— Andy Anderson of Linden Steel, L.P.



Thank you for finally convincing me to give Pieresearch products a try on our jobs. I had been hesitant to use them for many years solely on a cost basis. I never questioned the quality of the product but I had failed to consider the effect of the added quality it would bring to our work.

We had ordered the boots for use on our cages for TxDOT work and made use of them — along with the samples of the spacer wheel you provided — on a job right here in New Braunfels. I saw first hand that your product is easier to install and more durable than what we were using. As a result, we had a lot less trouble keeping our cages positioned properly during the pour and the TxDOT engineers went out of their way to compliment us on the quality of our work.

So, we finished the job and I came right back to the office to order more. Pieresearch boots and spacers will now be a standard on Voges Drilling Company jobs. Thank you for your persistence on this.

Jack McKinney
Voges Drilling Company

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