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Tony Kraut – On the Stub


“On the Stub” by Tony Kraut

Push, pull, turn and twist; any job, I’ll do my best.
I wear the scars of past jobs done; with my teeth as sharp as the face they’re on.

A bar commands my every move; whether my encounter is hard or smooth.
The job I do is always as told; by the driller’s hand on the lever he holds.

Unknown challenges I look to defeat; with my flights all hard and neat.
Into the unknown depths I go; retrieving spoils for crew to show.

Trading stub with barrel and bucket; as soils change from core to muck-it.
Up and down we each do go; riding the kelly like a steel yo-yo.

Now loaded on truck for ride back home; re-tuned and placed in the yard, not alone.
In this place we all rest and rust; until again on the stub, our backs we’ll bust.

This video was made courtesy of Pieresearch, “The Standard of Excellence”! Manufacturer of high-quality alignment and centralizer products for the deep foundation and earth retention industries.

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