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Tom Witherspoon | The Geotechnical Engineer

Hi, I'm Tom Witherspoon. I am structural and geotechnical engineer. I'm actually a diplomate as a geotechnical engineer, recognized by the Geo-Institute. And by the Structural Engineering Certification Board, I am a structural engineer. I also owned a foundation drilling company and ran that for over 22 years, S&W Foundation, and did a lot of limited access drilling and things that were considered to be impossible...
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Tom Witherspoon | The Structural Engineer

I'm Tom Witherspoon. I am recognized as a diplomate by the Geo-Institute as a geotechnical engineer, and I'm recognized by the Structural Engineering Certification Board as a structural engineer. I have a BS in civil engineering, a Masters in business. I have a PhD in geotechnical engineering from University of Texas at Arlington and my dissertation studies was in Piering and Piling, so that I know pretty well...
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