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The Unibar Revolution

In drilled shaft construction, rebar cages are typically used to reinforce the shaft during excavation. The design of this cage is critically important to the stability of the cage and the success of the overall construction project. As a general rule, a rebar cage for a drilled shaft consists of longitudinal bars that are distributed with equal spacing along the perimeter of a cylinder...
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SEAoT interview with Pieresearch discussing Why Specifications Matter

SPECIFICATIONS MATTER: WHY STRUCTURAL ENGINEERS MUST IDENTIFY PRODUCTS FOR EVERY PROJECT. If you’re a structural, civil, or geotechnical engineer in Texas, you probably know of Pieresearch®. Pieresearch® serves the deep foundation and earth retention industries, offering structural engineers rebar reinforcing alignment and centralizer products...
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Adjustable Quick-Lock® Unibar® Centralizers for Single-Element Reinforcing

We have long known about the importance of proper alignment for reinforcing cages in drilled shaft construction. It is no less important to provide the same quality assurance for related deep foundation and earth support construction applications. In order to achieve proper design strength in any drilled and grouted hole the bar or tendon must be centered …
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