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Texas 10-Year Transportation Expansion Plan

Governor Abbott recently adopted TxDOT's 2023 Unified Transportation Program, advancing $85 billion in a 10-year statewide roadway construction plan. If you're planning to bid on one of these projects, let Pieresearch make sure your Transportation Project is Done Right!
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New Samsung Semiconductor Plant in Texas

Work is underway at Samsung's new Semiconductor plant in Taylor, Texas (just outside of Austin). The Taylor facility, expected to open in 2024, will boost the production of semiconductor solutions that will power next-generation technologies...
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Russell Thornburg | Shining Light on Building Codes-Part 3

In Part 3, Russell Thornburg, Building Code Consultant & Instructor, discusses Building Code Compliance and Enforcement. One of the things that's important is finding out what the building code is intended for. What is its intention? What does it do for us? It's to keep us healthy. It's to provide safety. It's to provide general welfare. It's to take care of the property...
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Russell Thornburg | Shining Light on Building Codes-Part 2

In Part 2 Russell Thornburg, Building Code Consultant & Instructor, discusses the Evolution of Building Codes and Standards. To start with, we're going to discuss Building Codes, which are a set of rules defining how buildings can be designed and constructed to a minimum level of safety. They are not a phenomenon of the modern world. Rather, they have been around for centuries...
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Russell Thornburg | Shining Light on Building Codes-Part 1

Hello, my name is Russell Thornburg, and I have been in this construction business for a very long time. I've been a homeowner. Not only that, I've been a contractor, a contractor that fell. I busted up. Then I became somewhat into the inspection department. There I started playing the game. Now, what kind of game did I have to play? Well, becoming a homeowner and a contractor had to figure out what was going on...
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The Unibar Revolution

In drilled shaft construction, rebar cages are typically used to reinforce the shaft during excavation. The design of this cage is critically important to the stability of the cage and the success of the overall construction project. As a general rule, a rebar cage for a drilled shaft consists of longitudinal bars that are distributed with equal spacing along the perimeter of a cylinder...
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The Standard of Care by Nelson Forensics

Forensic experts use their technical knowledge to investigate failures or performance problems in various types of structures, which may involve providing testimony on the findings of these investigations in a legal forum. When failures occur or defects are alleged in the built environment, forensic experts (commonly engineers and architects) often must determine the causes...
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SEAoT interview with Pieresearch discussing Why Specifications Matter

SPECIFICATIONS MATTER: WHY STRUCTURAL ENGINEERS MUST IDENTIFY PRODUCTS FOR EVERY PROJECT. If you’re a structural, civil, or geotechnical engineer in Texas, you probably know of Pieresearch®. Pieresearch® serves the deep foundation and earth retention industries, offering structural engineers rebar reinforcing alignment and centralizer products...
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