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The Standard of Care by Nelson Forensics

Forensic experts use their technical knowledge to investigate failures or performance problems in various types of structures, which may involve providing testimony on the findings of these investigations in a legal forum. When failures occur or defects are alleged in the built environment, forensic experts (commonly engineers and architects) often must determine the causes...
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SEAoT interview with Pieresearch discussing Why Specifications Matter

SPECIFICATIONS MATTER: WHY STRUCTURAL ENGINEERS MUST IDENTIFY PRODUCTS FOR EVERY PROJECT. If you’re a structural, civil, or geotechnical engineer in Texas, you probably know of Pieresearch®. Pieresearch® serves the deep foundation and earth retention industries, offering structural engineers rebar reinforcing alignment and centralizer products...
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Tom Witherspoon | The Geotechnical Engineer

Hi, I'm Tom Witherspoon. I am structural and geotechnical engineer. I'm actually a diplomate as a geotechnical engineer, recognized by the Geo-Institute. And by the Structural Engineering Certification Board, I am a structural engineer. I also owned a foundation drilling company and ran that for over 22 years, S&W Foundation, and did a lot of limited access drilling and things that were considered to be impossible...
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Walter Scarborough | Specifications Matter

I'm Walter Scarborough and I'm here to tell you why Specifications Matter. I'm an architect and a specifier. I have 40 years of architectural experience, 25 years as a specifier, having provided specifications on over 500 projects. I'm a Fellow of the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI). I'm a coauthor of the college textbook, "Building Construction — Principles, Materials, and Systems"...
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Tom Witherspoon | The Structural Engineer

I'm Tom Witherspoon. I am recognized as a diplomate by the Geo-Institute as a geotechnical engineer, and I'm recognized by the Structural Engineering Certification Board as a structural engineer. I have a BS in civil engineering, a Masters in business. I have a PhD in geotechnical engineering from University of Texas at Arlington and my dissertation studies was in Piering and Piling, so that I know pretty well...
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Mike Trull | Rebar Supplier Expectations

What are the expectations of a general contractor and/or a concrete contractor when they're selecting a reinforcing steel fabricator for their new project? Hello, my name is Mike Trull, and I've spent 50 years in the steel industry. 45 of those years, I was with a reinforcing fabricator in North Texas, CMC. For some of you who are viewing this video for the first time, just some elementary notes about steel and how it's made...
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The Use of Rebar Cages in Drilled Shaft Construction

In drilled shaft construction, rebar cages are typically used to reinforce the shaft during excavation. The design of this cage is critically important to the stability of the cage and the success of the overall construction project. As a general rule, a rebar cage for a drilled shaft consists of longitudinal bars that are distributed with equal spacing along the perimeter of a cylinder...
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Tony Kraut – The Driller

Hi. I'm Tony Kraut with Watson Drill Rigs. I'm the Sales Manager here at Watson. And we're a four-generation family-owned business. We build foundation construction drilling equipment that serves multiple industries. We put them on excavator mount, truck mount, and crawler mount, and even crane mount drill attachments. Watson Drill Rigs right here from Fort Worth, Texas...
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