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4-8 Quick-Lock™ Unibar™ Centralizer

Pieresearch Quick-LockTM UnibarTM Centralizers accommodate Single Bar, Multi-Bar/Strand Anchors, Encapsulated (DCP) Anchors, and Steel or Plastic Pipe Applications.

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4-8 Quick-Lock™ Unibar™ Centralizer

This Quick-LockTM UnibarTM Centralizer has a 4″ diameter shaft and fits rebar/tendon sizes #7 thru #8. It is the answer to uniform reinforcement steel spacing requirements in single-bar foundation/tieback elements. It will allow for minimum grout/concrete coverage and will not impede flow of grout within bore/drill hole and around the tendon. Assemble quickly by simply snapping the two inverted identical halves together over the tendon/rebar and tying it on with tie wire, or with a zip tie threaded through the end tab slots.