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Stan Agee’s passion and dedication to the structural engineering and geotechnical communities will never be forgotten! Jan Agee now proudly takes the reins and continues to build upon the foundation started by her late husband. The entire Pieresearch team is just as dedicated now, as we have ever been, to carry forward the Agee legacy.

Pieresearch is, and will continue to be, the standard of excellence for the deep foundation and earth retention industries!

Established in 1986, Pieresearch is the industry leader in rebar reinforcing alignment products. We provide durable, reliable, economical, proven and tested, alignment products for drilled shafts, micropiles, augercast piles, soil nailing and rebar reinforced earth retention anchors.

For over 16 years, Pieresearch owner, Stan Agee, has been driven to provide excellent customer service, product innovation and continuing education. Sadly, Stan passed away in November of 2021. His passion and dedication to structural engineering and geotechnical communities will never be forgotten. Stan’s wife Jan Agee now holds the reins. Besides owning and operating a successful real estate business since the early 1970s, Jan is involved in numerous professional and nonprofit organizations.

“Stan never left work at home. I became the sounding board, definitely behind the scenes, but a part of making decisions that would affect the company and affect the success of the company,” said Jan.

“When Stan told me that Pieresearch was on the market, I told him he had to buy it! He very quickly said, ‘I don’t want to buy it. I want to be with the customer. I want to be in outside sales.’” Jan continues, “And I said sarcastically, what do you want to do? Be a greeter at Wal-Mart? If someone else buys that company, they could terminate you and you would be without a job.” At that point, Stan realized it really could happen. He began to formulate what he would consider to be a change in the culture. His driving philosophy became, “find a need; fill it; and you will grow your customers and your business.”

As he changed the culture, it became a real team effort. Those who were involved were architects, engineers, contractors and dealers. And when they saw a need and discussed it with Stan, then he began to take their information, work with designers, and develop a product that could become a mold and fill a need in the marketplace.

He really wanted to have a website that informed, educated, and promoted the product, and he worked with amazing designers that created a state-of-the-art website. He wanted those who used the product to give their perception of not only the product, but of the company.

Stan had another philosophy, “If you care, you’re there.” And every morning when I get up, I say, “I care and I’m there.” And I proceed to make my day headed toward the office.

There will be no change at Pieresearch.

The staff, the employees, the customers, everything. Our intent is to stay exactly like it is today. Our customers have been amazingly supportive and been willing to do whatever they could to help with the transition. And I remain very grateful, as do the employees. I miss him. I wish that we would be able to create exactly what he would have created and that the legacy would be something that if he could have, he would have designed himself.

We appreciate all the customers, be they new or in the past. We just are grateful that our business has, and will continue, as it has in the past and it will be today and in the future.

Meet the Pieresearch Team

Jan Agee, Pieresearch President

Jan Agee, President

I, like Stan, have a passion for education and serving my community. Throughout the years as a successful business owner in real estate, I’ve had the pleasure to serve on numerous professional and non-profit organizations. My goal is to continue to help grow this industry and work with customers and industry professionals to a find need and fill it!

Mike Trull, Pieresearch consultant

Mike Trull

Dan Parker, Pieresearch geotechnical consultant

Dan Parker

Rolfe Jennings, Pieresearch education consultant

Rolfe Jennings

Herb Engler, Pieresearch NY sales

Herb Engler

Greg Belt, Pieresearch Administrator

Greg Belt

The entire Pieresearch team is just as dedicated now, as we have ever been. Consultant Mike Trull has 50 years of experience in the steel and reinforcing fabrication industries Dan Parker brings to the table over 20 plus years of geotechnical construction experience. As an industry expert, Rolfe Jennings, a retired professional engineer from CRSI, is responsible for education and academics. Trustee of the Deep Foundations Institute, Herb Engler, handles sales in the New York area. And Greg Belt, “I’ve been at Pieresearch since 2005, and I am the administrator and I deal with day-to-day operations of the company. Most people don’t see me, but I speak to almost all of our customers at some time or another, via email or phone, and I make sure things run smoothly and make sure we deliver the best service we can.” Greg continues, “Stan had very high standards and an impeccable work ethic, and we plan on carrying that on as always, and with our commitment to customer service and innovation. And we all miss him very much.”

Pieresearch, a foundation built of excellence, on-time service, customer partnerships and product innovation.

Pieresearch. Building a Better Foundation for America.