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Our unique one-piece rebar spacer wheel design installs in a snap for use as a rebar centralizer or drilled shaft spacer! All our Quick-LockTM Pier Wheel products are made of durable, noncorrosive plastic. The original 6″ concrete cover rebar spacer wheel fits rebar sizes #3 through #5, and our 4″ and 8″ concrete cover pier wheels fit rebar sizes #3 through #7. All are designed to properly position a reinforcing rebar steel cage in a drilled shaft with a concrete cover requirement, but also work for other applications where concrete cover must be maintained.

Without proper alignment using rebar spacers, drilled shaft spacer or a drilled shaft centralizer wheel, the rebar cage cannot perform the function for which it was designed. Faulty alignment by not using a rebar centralizer can cause foundation failure, which often leads to issues of contingent liability. Because the rebar cage cannot be inspected or tested after the concrete is placed in the drilled shaft, the cage must be aligned properly the first time!

Rebar Spacer Wheel for Drilled Shaft rebar cage Alignment and shaft spacer

Building a strong foundation using rebar spacer wheels or drilled shaft spacer as a rebar centralizer is just a click away! Our high quality and easy to use products with simple installation, enables you to save time and money on every project. Imagine the infinite opportunities when using Quick-LockTM Pier Wheels for drilled shaft rebar cage alignment.

Tech Specs

rebar spacer wheel and shaft spacer

*All Quick-LockTM Pier Wheel rebar spacer wheels provide Actual Clearance. Actual Clearance or Concrete Cover is measured from the outside of the circle tie, spiral, etc. of the reinforcing steel cage to the side of the drilled shaft in order to provide an accurate rebar cage centralizer.

The table below illustrates the recommended number of Quick-LockTM Pier Wheels as a rebar cage centralizer  and a drileld shaft spacer on a per shaft basis. The actual number of rebar cage wheels can vary subject to the number of vertical bars of the reinforcing steel cage and the weight of the cage. The structural engineer is the governing authority. When in doubt, please check with the structural engineer as to the full number of rebar spacers needed for drilled shaft cage alignment.

Rebar Spacer Wheel Placement Details

Our Fast Delivery Promise for all rebar spacer products

We promise to deliver all rebar spacer products on time to meet your deadline regardless of type (rebar cap, rebar spacer, rebar spacer wheel, rebar boot). Once pricing is confirmed, orders will be processed immediately (providing specified quantities are in-stock). If we need to fabricate a product, we will notify you when to expect the shipment to be ready. We can deliver to any location, using your preferred delivery method. Request a quote or place an order online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Pre-approved accounts for payments are not required! We can accept Visa and MasterCard, in addition to traditional purchase orders. Need assistance? Speak to someone toll free by calling 800-342-2409.

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