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Here are some Pieresearch Press Releases to help keep you in the loop when it comes to news

Pieresearch’s new BIG BOW Adjustable UNIBAR® Centralizer now available

Pieresearch® is proud to introduce "The Big Bow", our newest Adjustable Quick-Lock® UNIBAR® Centralizer for Single-Element Reinforcing! (patent pending) We have long known about the importance of proper alignment for reinforcing cages in drilled shaft construction. It is no less…

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Pieresearch’s UNIBAR® Receives New Patent for Revolutionary Adjustable Centering Device

Pieresearch®, a leader in the design and manufacturing of alignment and centralizing devices for the geo-construction industry, has received a new patent for its revolutionary Adjustable UNIBAR® Centralizer (patent number 10,584,459). The answer to uniform reinforcement steel spacing requirements for…

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Pieresearch® Receives Patent for Revolutionary UNIBAR® Centralizer

Pieresearch® has long been a leading manufacturer and distributor of centralizer products for reinforcing cage alignment and support in geo-construction. In 2019 the company received a U.S. Patent (U.S. Patent No., 10,151,113) for their UNIBAR® Centralizer, a revolutionary alignment device…

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Pieresearch Launches New, Interactive Website

Pieresearch , a long time industry leader in the manufacture and distribution of rebar-reinforcing alignment tools for the deep foundations and earth retention industries announces a new, easily navigable website for all parties involved in the design and construction of…

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