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Pieresearch is proud to present the following videos on the construction of drilled shaft deep foundations and the concrete accessories necessary to centrally align the rebar cage into the drilled shaft. These educational presentations have been made possible through the invaluable expertise and contributions of recognized industry leaders and companies.

Video topics discussed:

  • Reliability of drilled shafts (aka drilled piers, caissons, cast-in-drilled-hole piles or cast-in-situ piles)
  • Benefits and requirements of drilled shaft construction
  • Advantages of drilled shafts over driven piles
  • Types of medium and subsurface conditions drilled shafts can be installed in
  • Applications and locations for drilled shaft construction
  • Construction considerations and types of construction techniques that are compatible with specific soil types
  • Reinforcement and concrete cover considerations to prevent corrosion
  • Prediction of axial capacity of drilled shafts using values provided by geotechnical engineers
  • Test methods used to estimate the bearing capacity and skin or side friction values for the design
  • How soil properties, soil strength and soil settlement play an important role in predicting long term load performance
  • Compare installation methods and material placement for the “dry method”, “wet method” and “casing method” to maintain shaft integrity
  • The importance of proper cage design and accurate cage placement using centering devices and bottom spacers

Video topics discussed:

  • Designing the drilled shaft foundation
  • Components of a concrete mix
  • Tension vs Compression
  • Concrete cover as a barrier to water migration
  • Importance of centering the rebar cage in the drilled shaft
  • Accessories intended to help achieve proper cage alignment

Video topics discussed:

  • Threaded rebar tendon centralization
  • Unibar size options for specific applications
  • Specific advantages of unibar
  • Different unibar types
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