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Concrete Bar BoosterQuick-Zip Bar Boosters™ are designed to support a reinforcing steel cage within a drilled shaft with a 3” concrete cover requirement. Faulty placement of the cage may cause foundation failure, which often leads to issues of contingent liability. Because the rebar cage cannot be inspected or tested after the concrete is placed in the drill shaft, the cage must be properly supported.

Quick-Zip Bar Boosters™ are made of durable, noncorrosive plastic and attach to rebar of any size. The zip tie used for attachment is made of 170 pound tensile strength resin.

Quick-Zip Bar Boosters™are also great for supporting reinforcing steel over waterproofing in mat foundations.
Product Schematic / Line Drawing
Installation is accomplished in seconds by simply positioning the Quick-Zip Bar Booster™ on the end of a vertical bar of the cage and pulling the zip tie taut. The recommended spacing for installation is one Quick-Zip Bar Booster™ on every other vertical bar for piers under 48 inches in diameter or one Quick-Zip Bar Booster™ on every vertical bar for piers 48 inches in diameter and over.
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